Friday, January 23, 2015

Awful Picks, Great Experience

Five hours of handicapping the "mandatory" 8 (of 15) Friday races on last night's flight to NHC XVI in Las Vegas yielded zilch for me on Day 1 of this $2.6 million tournament, but I'm not out of it.

I have no regrets about any picks (I had 7-8 finish 3rd or 4th), and amazingly am not far outside the top 50 on what was a favorite-heavy day, where winners came in at relatively short odds in the majority of contest races.

In short, I'm optimistic I can find 4-5 good "price" horses tomorrow and make a run at the Top 50, which would get me to Sunday's "Final Table."

Thanks for all of the texts, Tweets and whatnot the past 24 hours and keep them coming. Positive vibes from all around are wonderful.

FYI, too, that the experience itself is entirely amazing and well worth the trip, and it's been wonderful to meet great folks on the NHC circuit and, shockingly, even a few readers; very flattering.

Now it's time to enjoy a dinner and some drinks with a college buddy who lives out here full-time, and maybe rub elbows later on with fellow NHC Tour players.