Monday, March 7, 2011

Column in the Oceanport "Patch"

I was approached a few weeks ago about contributing a column to the nascent "Patch" online publications, focusing on Monmouth Park, and here's some food for thought outside of pure handicapping.  I'd be curious to know your opinion, especially considering that we still do not have a calendar set for the 2011 meeting, which has to be utterly frustrating to MP's staff and the horse industry players involved.  In short, I think that Gov. Christie is oblivious to how the tracks can truly recover and would rather cater to his AC backers.

Meanwhile, don't forget that tonight is Session 3 of Night School, where Randy Moss will be the featured speaker on "Pace Handicapping." You can access the seminar, free, from Monmouth Park's website.


  1. Congratulations - you hammered home my points:

    a) no 141 days thoroughbred racing meet.
    Monmouth must keep the Elite Meet concept intact with the Friday-Saturday-Sunday format to Labor Day.

    b) a secondary meet should run not past Halloween.

    c) That was some wild overpayments in the state-bred allowances last year. Whatever happened to salary commensurate with talent?

    Those I agree with. As for Atlantic City I was there last year. I like the area and doing more research on the place it is loaded with horse racing history. I'd hate to see it be torn down. Instead I am all in favor of expanding that turf meet to a full month with dirt racing tailored mostly for NJ bred opportunities.

    This meet can be before or after the Monmouth meet. And yes 8 or 9 races of full fields should be plenty for this summer in Oceanport.

  2. Yeah, the October and November cards were dead. I think, too, that Monmouth should run on Saratoga's dark day - they could get a lot of play from off the track, IMO. Regarding AC, my Dad would kill me for saying to level the place (it's his local OTB), but from what I understand there's a group interested in renovating the track (, which could be compelling. Still, the place looks like it'll collapse w/a stiff breeze. I admit, however, that the payouts for the races there are pretty nice, though you absolutely can't hear the race call.