Saturday, July 9, 2011

Taking Ownership

Out of curiosity I will be attending the Thoroughbred Ownership 101 seminar at Monmouth Park at noon.

The concept of ownership is appealing to me, though the short-term prospects, personally, at this stage with two young kids and a big home renovation underway are probably a bit unrealistic.

Nonetheless, as a fan of the game and a handicapping (and writing) hobbyist, it makes sense to at least gather information for some proper discussion on the subject.

On to handicapping, the only action this weekend for me is the Public Handicapper weekly "free" contest.  I posted my two cents there, for anyone interested, and maintain obvious leanings toward long shots (two plays at 8-to-1, one at 12-to-1 and another at 15-to-1). This week's contest races feature the eight through tenth at Arlington, plus the Hollywood Gold Cup, where Twirling Candy is the clear favorite.

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