Saturday, May 12, 2012

Entered NHC Qualifier

Staring at a 10-mile training run in advance of the Super Hero Half-Marathon next Sunday, and needing to prepare the house for Mother's Day hosting tomorrow, I'm regretfully missing opening day at Monmouth Park in favor of the home-based online NHC qualifier at, where I picked up a "free spin" of sorts as noted on Wednesday.

Entry ($195) for a spot at upwards of 4 seats in the National Handicapping Championship is up for grabs.

The 12-race contest card kicks off a little before 3 p.m. ET with Race 5 from Churchill and concludes with Race 6 from Hollywood, where (sarcasm) assuredly the 8-horse field of maidens will scratch down to 5, making it impossible for anyone to make up late ground.  Otherwise, the card comprises some difficult and deep races from Belmont, Arlington and Churchill Downs, though I have yet to break much down yet and will handicap on the spot.

I'll try to post some thoughts and, hopefully, a happy recap tonight, and otherwise wish a Happy Mother's Day to anyone out there in the NJ Horseplayer circles!

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  1. Nice effort....too bad you weren't able to get one of those last few picks into refund territory. Best of luck in future contests