Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The kind of story the industry needs to promote

Over lunch I read this piece on, noting that a horseplayer at Sunland Park hit a $96 Pick-6 ticket that paid $752k!

There is no handicapping contest perspective here, but rather a random argument that these kinds of scores need to be marketed more prominently than in an industry trade publication in order to draw new customers to the sport.  In my view, host tracks should treat the publicity of handicapping contests with more detail - let us know the individuals, their strategies, great selections, etc...the kind of light this blog hopes to shed, even if only a little.

This idea is coincidentally bolstered by two other pieces in DRF - one showing a 5% increase in Preakness Stakes viewers (signaling that there is some intrigue in the sport and people will watch and participate), and another "critiquing" NBC's usually predictable coverage of Saturday's Preakness and how the mainstream media have let thoroughbred racing slip through the cracks, save for the Triple Crown (forget the other 362 days). 

Food for thought over your lunch break...

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