Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Third "Night School" another worthwhile effort

In the spirit of fan education, I would encourage horseplayers new and old to check out a replay of Monday night's seminar on "pace handicapping," which offered some valuable insight from guest Randy Moss. Here are the study materials from that seminar.

Meanwhile, with the kids headed out for Sunday, I took the plunge and entered Sunday's online contest.  For anyone who has done the NHC Tour freebies (i.e., like this past Sunday's), the mechanics of the tournaments are way better, in that players have up until post time to change picks.  NHC Tour, on the other hand, makes you lock into your selection one minute before scheduled post time, which means you might have to finalize a pick 15 minutes before post, where a lot of things (i.e. late scratch) could happen.  I wish NHC Tour would incorporate NHCQ's system.

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